Why adding interpretation can increase audience participation

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Just like diversity in the workplace leads to better outcomes, diversity in speaker panels will result in a greater audience and a bigger ROI for your next event. Therefore, adding languages and interpretation can increase audience participation.

It’s simple, add languages and you can increase your pool of potential customers while sticking to just English means non-native speakers may feel isolated and look elsewhere for their next conference.

Interpretation is a service that is often overlooked by event organizers. However, it can be a great way to increase audience engagement, communicating the message your brand wants to convey in the most personal way possible – a language the attendee understands.

But why is interpretation and adding languages so important? Here we will take a look at the reasons you simply cannot avoid interpretation when the planning process starts for your next event.




There is no better way to make your audience feel like they are really part of the event, than speaking to them in their own language. Even if they can speak English why not communicate to them in their own first language? 

Imagine an event where several different languages are being interpreted to different sections of the crowd? Everyone gets to feel included and they will likely participate and feel engaged, in-kind.


Clear, concise communication


There is nothing worse than your message being misunderstood in a number of different ways. You might mean one thing in English but it could be misconstrued and all of a sudden the non-native English speaker has a different set of takeaways from your event.

A professional interpreter will ensure there is nothing lost in translation. Compared to their machine counterparts, a human interpreter can also judge tone of voice and facial expressions and bring that to the conversation too.




Just like when you click into a website and you have to fill a form rather than clicking on a button and just registering automatically, language can become a barrier.

This friction ensures that your audience may feel inconvenienced if they have to take some time to understand what is being said. The ideal way to remove this barrier is to get an interpreter in their language. 


Prepare in advance


Other language professionals, such as translators, can help you translate your marketing materials in advance of your event to make sure your audience knows they will be catered for.

This also reduces the friction when the attendee sees the event is being made available in their language, while you can also make the ticketing process more attractive by having it in their own native language.

They know in advance that they are coming to an event where an interpreter will be provided to make their experience much more straightforward, and they will likely be much more engaging at the time of the event.


RSI – accelerating growth  


RSI, or remote simultaneous interpreting, is an extra piece of technology you can leverage to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Interpreters are able to work from a remote location, and are likely to be experts in their field and the language pair you are using due to the extra choice available.

RSI helps you save time and money and will also lead to an audience who are only happy to participate.


The most up-to-date RSI on the market 


At Translit we have spent over 12 years refining our language and technology expertise to provide the best interpreters and translators for our projects.

We have helped over 250 event managers with our Translit RSI solution to transform their event, and increase their audience participation.

After 1 million minutes of usage we are updating our offering and we would be happy to help you add languages to your next event.


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Daragh Small
Daragh Small

Daragh Small hails from Galway in the west of Ireland and is the PR Manager at TRANSLIT. He is a Master of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts graduate from National University of Ireland, Galway, with over ten years’ experience as a journalist, editor and communicator.

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