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Exponentially Increase Your Global Audience By Communicating in Over 200 Supported Languages.

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Reduce your operations cost by saving on equipment and on-site charges for interpreters.

Easy Scalability

Accommodate an unlimited audience with our flexible software.

Full Tech Support

Enjoy a smooth event experience with dedicated support before, during & after the event.

Fast Deployment

Our experts can do your technical pre-event setup and integration in 60 min.

Global Compatibility

Translit RSI can integrate with any online event or conferencing solution like Zoom, Webex, Hopin, MS Teams, and more.

Unmatched Talent

Benefit from our 3000+ language interpreters who are not only expert linguists, but also hold technical expertise on various subjects.

Safe and Secure

We offer completely secure streaming with AES 128 bit secured channels and Web RTC with unique token access.

Transparent Pricing

Get a personalised quote for the support you need for your event.

How it works?

All we need is an hour to deliver your Language Needs

Step 1

RSI Conference room is set up

Step 2

Unique access codes are shared

Step 3

Technical Checks are completed

Step 4

interpreters log in the conference room

Step 5

audience members Join Using A Dedicated Weblink or download the Translit RSI App

Step 6

audience members select their preferred language

Step 7

Voila! Event begins


About Us

Team with perfect skills for RSI

Foundation Stone

In 2009, Translit began with a simple mission – break the language barrier, so people worldwide can connect and communicate effectively.

After a decade of our contribution to this industry, we envisioned expanding our offerings and filling some necessary gaps. Consequently, we launched Translit marketplace, CPD accredited Translit PRO, and Translit RSI over the next two years. 72% of Irish event companies trust us for the multilingual support for their conferences. Our efforts have been recognised by the All Ireland Business Foundation and as a result, we were honored with the All Ireland All-Star Business award in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

What We Do

At Translit, we harness the power of new technologies and human talent to make content accessible to all.

We enjoy going above and beyond to help people understand each other, bringing them closer by providing fast, high-quality, and professional language services with a team of top language experts who love what they do and constantly improve and innovate. We serve government bodies (such as City Councils), event organisers, corporates for business meetings, conferences, and events with simultaneous live interpretation requirements. Our clientele includes HSE Ireland, Pfizer, Roche, MasterCard, Mindvalley, Cystinosis Ireland, Chernobyl Project, Verve, and others.

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Ask Us Anything

No. Our platform can be used for any event type be it online, on-site, remote, or hybrid.
We have a database of 3000 certified and qualified interpreters from around the world in more than 120 languages and counting. This includes all the major languages and many rare and exotic languages.
The listeners/attendees access the interpretation by entering a 6-digit code/scanning the QR-code or through a web link that is provided before the event.
Yes, our platform is compatible with all the web-conferencing software like Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Hopin, Microsoft teams, Zoom etc.
An interpreter-specific link is generated and shared with them to gain access to platforms. Should training is required, they are also provided to interpreters for no additional costs.

A streaming link will be shared with your team and they can integrate it to the live stream using any streaming software like OBS Studio or Vmix.

No, the app only allows one-way communication at this point. Speakers wishing to talk to interpreters during the event will need to be logged in on the RSI platform too.

We also provide the following services for the events during/after the event: –

  • Voice-over
  • Subtitling/Closed captioning
  • Live-captions
  • Translation of documents/manifesto/marketing materials
  • Recording translated events
  •  Multilingual Broadcasting


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