White labelling can boost the ROI of your next event

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New products are introduced to the market every year but with 95% of those failing (Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School) why not look at what’s already available? For event organisers, white labelling can boost the ROI for your event. This is when you remove the logo from your product or service and give the buyer the opportunity to display their own branding instead – this happens in the event industry too.

White labelling in events

Businesses use this strategy where you are essentially giving your offering a different name and branding it as your own. It can boost the ROI of your next event by attracting new clients and it can be the link to making them feel special. It also helps with SEO because your event will have a presence on their website rather than yours. You will also increase the number of people who see your brand and content through social media posts and marketing efforts, as it goes from local to global.

If you are an event planner, you know how important it is to generate interest and awareness for your events. This is why white labelling can be a great way to promote your event and ensure that the return on investment reaches its potential. It is a great way for event planners to boost their ROI. It’s also good for agencies, who can use this technique to promote their offering and build their portfolio of customers.

Events went online and hybrid during the global pandemic and even with the recent return to onsite, there is a continued focus and even a reliance on everything remote. Multilingual events depend on interpreting services to cater to diverse audiences and event managers have realised the importance of remote interpreting for targeting that cohort over the last two years and earning a reputation in that area.

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is where the interpreter works remotely through a cloud-based software and that rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, despite this growth, no providers were dedicated to offering it on a white label basis.

Why white labelling can boost your ROI 


Event management is a time-consuming and expensive process whether you are working for a big agency with a huge profile, or on your own. To make sure that you are getting the best ROI, you need to find someone that can offer both the technology and knowledge needed to execute your event successfully. The most popular way is to partner with an established company or brand. You can also use it as an email marketing solution for your client by building a white labelled platform and charging them for it.

Most professional event managers will shop around the various RSI platforms to find the right one for them. Filtering their decision by choosing a white label offering, the reseller can transform their event, and open themselves up to a number of benefits. They will boost their return on investment and increase conversion – more money, less problems.

1 Take advantage of proven expertise


With only 5% of new products making an impression on the market it is crucial event organisers look for the expert that is already available. A growing white labelled RSI solution that already has proven results, is a win-win situation.

2 Greater brand visibility and customer loyalty 


Event organisers are able to use products or services that display the chosen brand name. It is better advertising, the audience is constantly reminded of it during the campaign while a positive experience will inevitably lead to a loyal user. The message never gets lost.

3 Taking the pressure off is key

If there are problems with the RSI solution, most white label providers will still offer technical support which relieves stress for the event managers. It’s another win-win situation and an underrated benefit without the additional cost.

Find out about Translit RSI 


What RSI should you choose? 

White labelling has been gaining popularity in the digital age and in recent years it has proven to be a lucrative decision for many companies. However, it is crucial that you do your homework to find the most complete RSI partners and send your revenue and profits sky-rocketing.

Our team recently updated Translit RSI to include white labelling. We launched Translit RSI last year and after 1 million minutes of usage, we were monitoring the feedback and having listened to our users we updated it to allow the event planners to use the most current Translit RSI without our label.

Try it out

Daragh Small
Daragh Small

Daragh Small hails from Galway in the west of Ireland and is the PR Manager at TRANSLIT. He is a Master of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts graduate from National University of Ireland, Galway, with over ten years’ experience as a journalist, editor and communicator.

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