Web Summit – We Came, We Saw, We Connected

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Web Summit – We Came, We Saw, We Connected

The first week of November 2021 will live long in the history of Translit. Not only did we surpass 500,000 minutes of usage for Translit RSI and reach 3,000 LinkedIn followers, but we also visited the Altice Arena for our first Web Summit.

Like many other startups we went there seeking investment, leads and a general networking opportunity, and we were thrilled with how the week unfolded. Three days of ‘pressing the flesh’ in Lisbon was worth 12 months in our Irish office.

On the ground, Translit was represented by Alex Chernenko, Kushal Kaushik and I while at base Jyotindra Swaroop, Garima Jaiswal and Vishnu Nair pulled the strings.

We worked together to build a bank of knowledge and contacts. We made many new leads and learned some valuable lessons about the intricacies of an investor’s mind.

Overall, the ROI will become much clearer in the weeks and months ahead but already it looks like we have accounted for our tickets, accommodation and flights. We recommend Web Summit to everyone.

What’s On Offer?

There’s so much on offer. With over 42,000 in attendance this year, it was not as jam-packed as previous renewals, but it still made for a hectic three days. Comfortable shoes were key!  

You could go to Web Summit just to learn from the intriguing speakers who ranged from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to former boxing world champion Dr Wladimir Klitschko and DJ Sam Feldt. There were hundreds more where that came from too.

You could roam the four pavilions checking out the latest tech gadgets and trends, or visit the Food Summits where the cuisine is international and kept our taste buds tingling while the beer was definitely flowing too.

But often the most exciting areas are the ALPHA, BETA and GROWTH sections where companies exhibit their product and answer any question you might have. Deals are struck, leads are hoovered up and the fabulous Web Summit app was put to great use with everyone scanning the QR code of their new connection.

Don’t forget the Night Summit that took place throughout Lisbon. There are six central neighborhoods dedicated to this after-hours event. And it was another great opportunity to get to know the people you may have missed during your busy day.

Our Week

We arrived in Lisbon on Sunday morning, giving us the chance to take some time and enjoy the city centre, try the local cuisine, and finally do some work in one of the many obliging restaurants before calling it a night.

Web Summit kicked off the following evening but it was just the opening ceremony so we still had plenty of time to perfect our pitch and work with our team at the base to ensure the event ran smoothly. 

Translit exhibited in the ALPHA section on Tuesday. That was a real eye-opener for us but being proactive ensured we picked up as many leads as possible along the way. Translit CEO Alex Chernenko also took part in the Pitch competition that day.

On Wednesday, we set out to go and visit ALPHA, BETA and GROWTH while we had meetings set up by our support team. It was another productive day making connections with people and businesses from all corners of the globe. We attended the Startup Party at Rive Rouge on Wednesday evening and that was another exciting opportunity to get to know like-minded individuals.

We had built plenty of momentum heading into the final day and as the crowd began to dwindle, we went for one last big push. It was another successful day for Translit while we explored the possibility of several partnerships.

Kushal flew home to France on Thursday evening while Alex and I got the opportunity to explore more of Lisbon’s great nightlife before a rest day where we could unwind and sightsee.

We flew home back to Dublin on Friday evening and even though our plane was delayed our spirits were high, and we got the opportunity to make another valuable connection en route.

Our Final Thoughts?

As we sift through our leads this week we realise that we cannot afford to miss these events going forward.

Alex attended Web Summit online last year but it was great to be on the ground this time around. Collision and Rise are both in the pipeline now too. 

Networking events are key to the success of any startup and we believe Web Summit has helped Translit get to the next level in the language and events industry.

We came, we saw, we connected, and we will be back!

Daragh Small
Daragh Small

Daragh Small hails from Galway in the west of Ireland and is the PR Manager at TRANSLIT. He is a Master of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts graduate from National University of Ireland, Galway, with over ten years’ experience as a journalist, editor and communicator.

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