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Client Support Centre

Sure, let’s schedule a time-slot. The only thing you will need is a smartphone and a pair of earphones.

Interpretation may be accessed via the app and via the web-link. We basically send the link to your streaming team (we hope you have one, because we do not organize streaming) and they integrate it to the live-stream in special software (OBS/Vmix).

Our servers are based in Germany and we use the best existing cloud-WebRTC streamin providers. For example one them can even pass the Great Chinese firewall. Interpretation is availble to listeners who enter a unique 6-digit code, enter a web-link, or scan a unique QR-code.

Yes, for sure. We will need to schedule onboarding sessions with interpreters to check their Internet, headsets and other hardware.

At first there’s a fixed fee of €250 per day. Then we calculate traffic by multiplying a number of listeners multiplied by a number of hours they listen. And of course we need to know traffic in each breakout to sum it up. Each additional language pairs add 10% to the total check. And if you paid for 1 hour for 50 people and only 15 will actually listen you still pay for 50, it’s take-or-pay basis.

Online Events

Yes, interpretation is available via the web-link and we can integrate to it to the original meeting. But does your solution give ability to listeners to mute speakers selectively? Since interpreter is receiving the original feed in the same room we can’t just mute the speaker in the main meeting.

Via iOS or Android app on their smartphone. They enter a code, select the language, plug-in earphones and enjoy the interpretation.

Not really in case their microphone will be constantly muted. Otherwise we are risking getting audio loopts in the meeting.

By joining an online meeting you have as a participant. His microphone is constantly muted and cam is disabled.

Yes they can but it this case they would hear both the original speaker and interpretation on his loudspeakers / in his headphones. Ofc if that’s ok they could go to the sound mixer and manually adjust volume levels in different audio sources, but not everybody can do this. It’s better to access interpretation via the app.

Offline / Onsite Events

To serve 1 room we need 1 laptop, 1 USB Audio interface (e.g. Behringer Uphoria UM-2), 1 XLR and 1 Jack cable, 1 nice USB webcam, and probably 1 Ethernet cable.

Better to discuss that during the demo

By entering a 6-digit code / scanning the QR-code, selecting the language and connecting thir earphones.

Yes, because if there’s no earphones interpretation will go through the loudspeakers and that can disturb people around.

By opening our web interface on their laptop and plugging in a proper USB headset.